Using Data properly

Generating data for change
Saudi Arabia alone witnesses over 500,000 accidents per year resulting in over 9,000 deaths on the road!

Surprisingly, they still rank 2nd among the Arab countries in vehicle fatalities according to the World Health Organisation*.

By using our innovative fleet management software, various add-ons and integrations become valuable tools to generate intuitive insight in pursuit of one important goal: to proactively protect drivers and businesses, reduce crashes and save lives.

Driver behaviour modification tools
When integrated into a fleet management solution, in-cab driving aids, audible in-cab driver coaching and driver engagement apps are all powerful tools used to not only modify driver behaviour but generate important, actionable data that supports driver coaching and allows fleets to build a gamification culture around improving driving behaviour.

A driver might receive an audible alert, for instance, if he or she is speeding. Simultaneously, fleet managers are alerted to the incident. The data can be used to inform driver training programmes that take place at the yard.

HOS and fatigue solutions
Driver fatigue is a serious concern for any fleet operator, but nothing new. For years, the number of fatigue-related accidents have been directly linked to the number of hours spent driving. By having an integrated Hours of Service (HOS) solution, fleet managers are able to actively manage the driving hours, mitigating any fatigue-related accidents.

Combined with improved business processes, the solution can deliver real business and safety outcomes for organisations across a diverse range of industries – in both regulated and non-regulated environments. All of this together helps reduce crashes, which in turn can help reduce a fleet’s insurance rates and save lives.

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