Premium Fleet Management

Premium Fleet Management

What Is It

The Premium platform is a completely secure platform, hosted in one of several top-tier data centers. Information is accessible online or via a mobile app (for Android or iOS) packed with features to help fleet operators make informed and timely decisions regarding the performance of their fleet with unlimited access to information about their vehicles and drivers.

The platform hosts many features, tools and reports to help maximize return on investment. The solution is connected with our big box fleet management solution, which collects and transmits valuable vehicle and driver data, providing all the tools necessary to monitor, manage and improve driver behavior – not only for efficiency purposes, but for increased safety too.

The tracking module provides a real-time view of a vehicle or asset’s position – whether it’s stationary or on the move – and which driver is behind the wheel. It also shows information relating to speed, driving direction, ignition status, driving violations, past trips and more.

Premium Black Box

The Premium box designed to record a wide range of vehicle and trip related information, including vehicle speed, engine speed, engine temperature, fuel consumption, trip start and end times. It has an internal GSM and GPS with a Lithium Polymer battery backup which makes it ideally suited for modern Fleet management where company assets need to be tracked and managed.

 It is fitted with an on-board CAN module, which allows the OBC to communicate on a CAN bus supporting the FMS J1939 CAN protocol. In addition to FMS, it is also able to interpret custom and proprietary CAN messages as well as J1708 messages via scripting. Recording information from the vehicle’s data bus has several benefits over the traditional way of recording vehicle data, where data is available up to 48 CAN identifiers and up to 48 CAN signals may be monitored in real-time. Installation of the unit does not require the connection of expensive 3rd party sensors, installation is quicker, more robust and the recorded data is more accurate.


Live monitoring is possible with live streams of information. These streams are user-defined and contain information about events as well as messages to and from the connected asset and/or driver. For priority trips, a stream can be undocked and kept open while navigating the rest of the application.

The solution’s robust reporting capability enables data to be reviewed and analyzed in detail as well as in dynamic and customizable formats. Reports include movement, location, and trip and utilization reports, as well as driver scoring, fuel, event violations and cost analysis reports.

The platform is compatible with a flexible range of services, add-ons and accessories from FMSi. Depending on specific operational goals or regional requirements, customers can choose from video recording systems, in-cab navigation and messaging devices, driver engagement tools, an Hours of Service solution, journey management and satellite communication among others.


A Driver ID is essential for measuring and improving driver safety and performance. Used to identify the driver and control who has access to your vehicles, and is integral to any fleet management and driver safety. We offer different type of Driver ID’s (blue key, Dallas Key, HID/RFID)


Using video footage captured with In-Vehicle-Cameras can help protect drivers, reduce insurance claims when an accident and claim that it is not their fault. A video recording unit with cameras works when an event occurs, the system triggers an automatic upload of two 15 seconds video, one showing the driver and the other showing the road. This enhances the availability provided by the Black Box, and would allow fleet managers to see for themselves.


Drive Mate alerts drivers to their driving habits through a system of seven LED lights fitted inside the vehicle. Starting on the left of the display with green LEDs to indicate safe driving, the LEDs will move to amber and then red as driving deteriorates in one of these areas: harsh acceleration (A), harsh braking (B), harsh cornering (C) and speeding (S).

If a driver does not self-correct, a buzzer will sound to notify the driver and an event will go on to be recorded in our platform for the authorized person to view.

Conveniently, driver identification is recorded to our platform using driver identification cards, which are simply scanned by DriveMate. These ID cards are issued by FMSi, and also are compatible with certain existing company ID cards.


The In Cab Driver Feedback is a driving aid that helps drivers to improve their driving style. Using an unobtrusive system of symbols with Red/Amber/Green (RAG) status lights accompanied by audible warning tones, drivers receive feedback on their driving style in real-time. This enables customers to improve driver and vehicle performance and, in turn, reductions in fuel consumption, carbon emissions and accident rates.

This works with the Big Black Box fleet management solution, and an online information and tracking portal through which fleet data can be accessed and analyzed.

Mounted to a dashboard, the unit five symbols are:

  • Over-revving
  • Excessive idling
  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Over-speeding

The unit can be configured in a number of different ways to provide customers with the most effective method of delivering alerts to a driver. These options include an amber warning, which indicates to a driver that a parameter is close to exceeding the limit.


The Voice Kit is a hands-free kit capable of voice communications, designed to interface with our fleet management solutions. It makes use of the GSM voice capabilities of the fleet management box.

Designed for use in noisy truck cabs, the Voice Kit is equipped with a high-power amplifier and speaker assembly with integrated volume control ensuring optimum sound reproduction. A high-performance omni-directional microphone provides the other party with crisp, clear audio.

The FM Keypad allows the driver to answer incoming calls as well as make calls to any of the 4 preset numbers.

IN CAB Display

In-Cab Display is a touch screen in-cab display unit which has been designed to work in conjunction with our Fleet Management solutions.

From the office, you can send the driver a message to which the driver can respond to, or send any job to which the driver can navigate to using the navigation function. Standard event violations are displayed on the screen and input menus can be customized to suit business requirements. Diagnostics provides insight into the health of the unit and Driver Login provides the flexibility to not have to use their Driver ID.


The panic button is a button installed in the cab of the vehicle and connected to the IVMS device, by pushing the panic button during an emergency, the device will send a message to the server immediately informing the Fleet Manager of an incident and location of the vehicle. This message can also be relayed to manager’s mobile phones in the form of an SMS


For organizations that manage assets that operate in remote areas with poor GSM coverage, our Sat Comm (Iridium) offers an enhancement to our solution that provides reliable mission critical satellite communication in ALL locations. Organizations can reduce operational cost thanks to the least-cost routing (GSM vs Sat) feature, reduce risk by active tracking assets via satellite and ensure driver safety by receiving immediate critical event notifications.

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