With a growing concern for organizations with fleets and assets to manage, FMSi is recognized as a truly leading pioneer for the provision of premium fleet management and mobile asset tracking services in the region. Our solution enables organizations to actively manage cars, vans, trucks, buses, trailers, containers and other mobile assets.

Founded in 2003 in the United Arab Emirates, FMSi has over twenty years of proven and demonstrated experience across various market sectors, delivering state-of-the-art technologies as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for the sale, implementation, and after-sales support. We operate directly through our offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat, Basra, Erbil, and our partners network throughout the GCC and MENA region.


CIRISH BHARATAdministration Manager - CAE
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We have been working with FMSi for almost a decade. Since last couple of years, we are satisfied with the services provided to CAE. I wish, FMSI management and staff to prosper and bring glory to the company.
Michel Welter
Michel Welter Branch Manager Dubai
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The FMSI team helped us very significantly to implement several GPS tracking solutions for our fleet. The team and technicians are very professional and always available if any needs or questions. We use their tools on a daily basis and it would be hard to work without it now. We were really satisfied about the reliability of tracking devices installed.
Kadhim Salih Ali
Kadhim Salih Ali Managing Director
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The FMSi system greatly improved the technical proficiencies of our organisation and has been well received by our own clients. The superb advice, guidance has lawayskepts us on track, allowing Derra Al Rumaila to provide our clients with the most suitable and efficient communication, logging and vehicle tracking system for our operations.
Khodor Sheddoud
Khodor SheddoudEmdaad
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Its been great working with your company and your professional staff. Thanks for your support!
Michael de Beer
Michael de BeerQHSSE Manager
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FMSi does much more than simply providing standard IVMS and fleet management solutions. They supported us with our journey of upgrading our monitoring systems and enhancing our strategy with regards to road safety and fleet management. FMSi are not the only ones in the business, however they are good at it and even better at supporting their clients with bespoke solutions. They are obviously in the game for the longer term relationship
David Marquez
David MarquezEastern Gulf HSE/SQ Manager
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Knowing the Road Hazards and Risk are the biggest in our industry, and a lot of pain and saddles as outcomes for traffic incident, it is indeed a great value to have a proper monitoring and control system in place along with the adequate educational and competency program in every organization. We are fully satisfy having Mix Telematics System and FMSi as part of our stakeholders in all our journeys. Thanks for your always good contribution and great Road Safety commitment.
Jessie Bienes
Jessie BienesHead of Health & Safety
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The FMSI as local provider of our IVMS has been very helpful to us. The after sales service and technical support is very quick and superb. The guidance and technical advice given to us have been very instrumental in complying with the requirements of our group company. The staff are very knowledgeable in their field of work and they provided answers to any of our questions, inquiries and challenges. Further, we can even get advices from them even during non-office hours for some urgent matters that requires immediate action as what to do and what specific options that we need to undertake
Saifus Sadiq
Saifus SadiqOperations Supervisor
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FMSI have provided Fugro a comprehensive yet very intuitive fleet management software coupled with exceptional professional customer service.
Tian Jianhui
Tian JianhuiDeputy Country Manager - BGP Oil & Gas
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We have been using FMSi IVMS as a means of monitoring drivers’ behavior, tracking our fleet of vehicles, reducing risk, educating drivers and controlling our fleet for the last 15 years and its working very well with their professional support.
Varadraj Rao
Varadraj Rao Contracts Manager - Matrix
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We are pleased to work with FMSI and we are getting continuous support and follow up from FMSI. We will be pleased to introduce FMSI to other companies and wishing all the best. Hopefully we will do more business during 2019
BGPBGP Management Team
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The IVMS performance KPI’s Analysis shows great improvement in our Driver Scoring and Safe Driver Behavior – On behalf of BGP Management, I would like to take this opportunity to thank FMSi Team on their extraordinary and continuous support and professional work. Thank you for the good work and please keep it up
Islam Sami
Islam SamiCustomer Installation Specialist
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I have worked closely with FMSi Team who have provided us with Premium Fleet Management Solutions topped with Value Added Services (In Cab Monitoring System) to better monitor our fleet successfully for improved Driver Performance and Enhanced Safety of our drivers – both the UAE and other regions. I would like to extend our deepest appreciation for FMSI team and their technical capabilities to deliver and support our requirements and delivery of a successful project. We look forward to for a continued partnership between Air Liquid and FMSi in the years to come
Shaiju Raveendran
Shaiju RaveendranEquipment Snr Administrator, EQD
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It is our pleasure to use FMSi’s fleet management system yet another time. We chose you above other competition based on your expertise and professionalism for BuHasa. This is our second engagement with FMSi and we look forward to receiving the same quality service again.
Eng. Mohamed Rashed Al Mehrezi
Eng. Mohamed Rashed Al MehreziVP- Logistics
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FMSI has been a reliable partner since December 2014, working in all ADNOC Distribution Terminals across the UAE for the provision of Monitoring Services and Support to the Dispatch Control Centers Operations. The performance of FMSI has been satisfactory and meets the requirements. The teams at the locations are qualified and competent for the assigned tasks.
Sameer Fahmi
Sameer FahmiDeputy Manager - Delta Gulf
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Our company Is satisfied by the services provided by FMSI , from all sides such as: follow up, support , price and services. The User Interface is amazing , Easy to use and you get all relevant information right away. It is suitable for every level of users in our company . We appreciate the friendly relation with the Account Manager.