FMS Fleet Management Services




A simple and affordable car tracking service to monitor your fleet effectively and efficiently


A turn-key fleet management solution offering access to information about your fleet and drivers, with a host of features, tools and reports to maximize your ROI.


Tracking solution for your assets to protect, monitor and reduce equipment loss


Take your fleet to the next level with fatigue detection, hours of service, journey management, driver behaviors amongst others


We are driven by the following four pillars. These pillars represent the benefits we offer to your business.

Fleet Optimizations, efficiency and productivity

Fleet optimization reduces fuel costs with fuel consumption tracking. Route optimization reduces fuel consumption, mileage, and CO2 emissions


Get advanced insight into driving behavior with fleet safety reports. Our safety solutions help reduce accidents and support company policy.

Regulatory Compliance

We offer product and services that enable customers to comply with health, safety and environment (HSE) regulations in your relevant countries and industries.


Real time and historical tracking, and trailer tracking are key offerings that are designed to enhance personal safety and security as well as the security of commercial fleets.

Main features of Fleet Management

Vehicle Tracking

Driving behavior and fuel saving

Driver communication

Tacho Data and Hours of Service

Extensive Reports

Add-on Enhancements


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Vehicle Tracking

Live Tracking

See where your vehicles are in real time online. By knowing the live location of your vehicles and drivers you are able to optimize your workflow and increase the safety of your assets and drivers in real-time.

Historical Tracking

Historical tracking allows you to view trips that have been taken by your drivers and vehicles. You are able to follow the specific route taken; check start and end locations along with viewing where any unnecessary stops might have been made.


Get instant alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a previously designated area or nominated geo-zone. Alerts are delivered via automatic email or SMS notifications.

Trip Reports

Generate reliable, easy-to-understand reports on trip data, such as start and end times, driving and standstill hours, distance traveled and more. You are also able to utilize our state-of-the-art Insight Analyzer which allows you to configure a host of reports suited for your specific use cases.


Help to improve driving behaviour

Use our innovate RAG (Red, Amber, Green) driver scoring to help improve your drivers’ behaviour and driving style. Additionally, our in-cab notifications allow drivers to get direct feedback; couple with the driver mobile app, you are able to coach and engage your drivers to increase safety.

Monitor Fuel usage and Carbon emission

Historical tracking and utilisation reports allow you to you view which assets are not being utilised fully and which could be optimised to save costs on fuel and maintenance.


Task Management

Fleet Manager Premium allows you to send tasks to your drivers to complete while they are out in the field. These configurable tasks allow you to optimize your operations and receive real-time notifications on the status of all assets.

Dynamic Dispatching

Optimise your fleet efficiency by assigning jobs to the driver with the shortest estimated arrival time. With this we do not only look at which driver is closest, but also take actual traffic into account.


Tacho data and Hours of service

Hours of service

Fleet Manager Premium allows you to automatically monitor the driver hours of your fleet. You are able to customize the driving hours based on your internal company policy or to comply with any governmental regulations. You are instantly notified when any of the set regulations have been skipped.

Tacho Data

The Fleet Manager Premium is the reliable all-in-one solution to download, analyse and archive your Tachograph data. And you stay current with regular updates to legislation and details of fines. It’s compliance made easy.


KPIs at a glance

Fleet Manager provides a dashboard that helps you optimise your fleet in real-time. You are able to customize reports to your exact needs or use a host of reports that have been pre-developed based on industry uses and standards to help you benchmark your organisation.

Insight Analyzer

Fleet Manager includes the industry’s most comprehensive set of ready-made reports, providing detailed insights into the activities of individuals and the fleet. Customised reports lets you highlight the exact information your business needs – when you need it. And reports can be scheduled to run automatically or can be downloaded on demand.


When order status changes, or when vehicles cross predefined geo-zones, Fleet Manager delivers instant notifications to your dashboard.

Add-on Enhancements

In vehicle cameras

Using video footage captured with In-Vehicle-Cameras can help protect drivers, and help you see what really happened during an incident. The videos are event based - anytime an event happens a video is automatically uploaded and emailed to you for viewing. This enhances the availability provided by the Black Box, and would allow fleet managers to see for themselves.

Drive Mate

Drive Mate alerts drivers to their driving habits through a system of seven LED lights fitted inside the vehicle.

If a driver does not self-correct, a buzzer will sound to notify the driver and an event will go on to be recorded in our platform for the authorized person to view.

Conveniently, driver identification is recorded to our platform using driver identification cards, which are simply scanned by DriveMate. These ID cards are issued by FMSi, and also are compatible with certain existing company ID cards.

Driver ID

A Driver ID is essential for measuring and improving driver safety and performance. Used to identify the driver and control who has access to your vehicles, and is integral to any fleet management and driver safety. We offer different type of Driver ID’s (blue key, Dallas Key, HID/RFID)

Panic Button

The panic button is a button installed in the cab of the vehicle and connected to the IVMS device, by pushing the panic button during an emergency, the device will send a message to the server immediately informing the Fleet Manager of an incident and location of the vehicle. This message can also be relayed to manager’s mobile phones in the form of an SMS


Satelite Solutions

For organizations that manage assets that operate in remote areas with poor GSM coverage, our Sat Comm (Iridium) offers an enhancement to our solution that provides reliable mission critical satellite communication in ALL locations. Organizations can reduce operational cost thanks to the least-cost routing (GSM vs Sat) feature, reduce risk by active tracking assets via satellite and ensure driver safety by receiving immediate critical event notifications.