Industry Sectors

Industry Sectors

Oil & Gas

Customized solutions by FMSi enable Oil and Gas companies to run smooth operations and ensure the safety of their workforce. Drivers, for example, are equipped with tools to enhance their driving style, which in turn reduces the number of accidents.

Our reliable and cost-effective solutions incorporate functionality that includes:

  • Compliance monitoring like Hours of Service and IFTA State Line Crossing.
  • Real-time driver behavior monitoring.
  • Driver identification and driver scoring.
  • Trip and vehicle utilization reports.
  • Consultancy, including risk assessment and road safety strategy development.
  • Targeted driver training including defensive driver training.
  • Oil and Gas customers using our solution include ADNOC, PDO, Worley Parsons, Shell just to name a few.


FMSi offers systems that enable the monitoring of construction vehicles and their drivers in real-time.

In addition to the obvious features, like determining a vehicle’s location, locating machines and obtaining fuel consumption reports, fleet managers also benefit by being able to create geo-fences. These limit vehicles and machinery to certain pre-defined areas within certain time periods – features that are guaranteed to boost fleet efficiency, safety, and security levels.

This provides a number of benefits:

  • Reduced fuel consumption, thanks to the ability to monitor and correct driver behavior as well as the behavior of those operating machinery.
  • Enhanced machine utilization, by being able to compare actual usage with expected usage.
  • Increased productivity, thanks to on-board technology that enables the tracking of assets.
  • Improved safety compliance, through Hours of Service functionality among other valuable features.
  • Better security, through GPS asset tracking to prevent theft and misuse.
  • Improved maintenance, with electronic service and licensing schedules.


FMSi partners with companies in the Service and Utilities industry to help them manage their businesses efficiently and safely. Water authority PAEW in Oman, along with a number of Oil and Gas companies in across the Middle East are examples of customers who partner with FMSi to manage their safety, efficiency and compliance goals.

In a highly competitive marketplace, these companies face the constant challenges of rising fuel prices and high costs associated with government regulations and customer compliance.

Our solutions help these businesses to:

  • Track and protect their vehicles, drivers and high-value high risk loads.
  • Improve customer service through things like more on-time deliveries.
  • Reduce their fleet sizes.
  • Better plan routes and optimize fleet utilization.
  • Lower fuel and fleet operating costs.
  • Improve safety levels and lessen overall risk.
  • Alter driver behavior and implement training and incentive programs.
  • Adhere to strict and changing government and customer compliance demands.

Transport & Distribution

FMSi offers solutions that can not only boost fleet efficiency, but help to simplify everyday processes. This is achieved through sophisticated on-board and mobile technology with features that allow fleet managers to:

Improve communication.
Optimize routes
Monitor and improve driver behavior.
Manage fuel consumption.

Handle jobs and messages in real-time.


Being able to locate vehicles and loads, while optimizing delivery schedules, is therefore key to enabling the success of fleets operating within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry.

FMSi solutions form an integral part of these fleet operations, helping to:

Track vehicles, drivers and loads in real-time and historically
Optimize routing, often for multiple vehicles.
Monitor driver behavior with a view to reducing fuel usage and accident rates.
Minimize wastage and damage to goods.
Reduce business risk and improve safety.
Improve service levels.

For FMCG, where keeping tabs on stock is vital, another important consideration is the security of goods in transit.

Other Industries

Having a clear view of vehicle locations, information on mileage, and insight into how vehicles are being driven enables industries such as: Rental and Leasing operators, bus operators, mining companies, governmental organization and many more  to boost their performance. Better service and more efficient operations help customers to save costs and lessen business risk.

By understanding the needs of a leasing company and their end-customer, FMSi has identified some key features of interest.

These include:

  • Objective, transparent odometer (mileage) reporting.
  • Integration into back-end systems, through secure web and mobile applications.
  • Trip and vehicle utilization reports.
  • Driver identification.
  • Tracking and stolen vehicle recovery.
  • Vehicle error and trip reports.

Fleet management tools deployed by FMSi have long been relied on by many businesses across a wide range of industries. Proven results boost the bottom line, facilitate sustainable improvement and add value to existing service offerings

Monitor driver behavior to improve fuel efficiency and reduce accidents.
Ensure the safety of their passengers.
Locate their vehicles to determine on-time arrivals along predetermined routes and at scheduled stops.
Locate vehicles within a yard to facilitate servicing and licensing procedures.
Monitor vehicles’ trip durations as well as drivers’ working hours.

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