Journey Management System

Journey Management System

“Safe and efficient, from start to finish”

What Is It

A Journey Management Plan is typically a set process that you follow for planning and undertaking road transport journeys in compliance with HSSE requirements, with the goal of arriving safely. There are many industries where driving is an essential part of work. It is also one of the most dangerous activities an employee will undertake as part of their duties. Driving is the most dangerous work activity which is why journey management is so important. A journey management plan outlines the steps required to be as safe as possible before, during and after each work-related trip. It can include the steps to take before a journey like proper vehicle maintenance, driver behaviours like rest and what they consume prior to driving and the time of day the journey commences. When the trip is completed, vehicle inspections are important and drivers should ensure they get plenty of rest – especially after driving for long distances.

“Our Journey Management comprises a wholly online process incorporating journey requests, journey approvals and journey monitoring, integrated with our fleet management platform , making it a unique and valuable offering”

Journey Management System Dashboard

Journey Management Calendar View

Comparing Planned Journey with Planned Journey

Customizable Risk Assessment & Customizable Policy

Customizable Reports

Journey Requests and Approvals

Planned journeys are captured into the system, associated risks relating to the driver, environment and asset are identified, and a risk rating of the journey is calculated. Based on the risk rating, the journey follows a flexible approval workflow management process.

Journey Monitoring

FMSi Track vehicle tracking systems enable journeys and vehicles to be automatically monitored, from the initial stages of planning through to approval and dispatch. Exceptions are generated by the system and real-time notifications are then sent to operations staff.

Real-time Notifications

FMSi Track software has the ability to issue exception-based notifications like deviation from a route plan, progress and status updates so that operations staff are immediately notified while a journey is underway and being monitored. A consolidated landing page of journey activity and status makes light work for operations staff.

Road Hazard Assessment

The solution enables electronic road hazard assessment to be conducted by approved route assessors. Roads are checked for potential hazards like roadworks, weight limitations and height restrictions ahead of a journey. The information is then stored and used for future journeys following the same route.

Static Compliance Checks

FMSi Journey Management enables various static compliance checks to take place. These involve drivers (e.g. licensing and certification), passengers (e.g. seatbelt allocation per vehicle) and cargo (e.g. is the vehicle certified to carry the cargo in question?).

Robust Reporting

Journey management data can be put to good use for the purpose of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting. For example, managers can assess the number of journeys in a month, how many were approved and by whom, how many were deemed high-risk and how many were completed as planned. Cube technology also enables the visualization of data as opposed to using static reports.


Digitizes Journey Planning.
Automates Route Optimization.
Improves Fleet Utilization
Improves Resource Allocation.
Reduced Lost Time Incidents.
Improves Time Attendance & Job Completion.
Eliminates Unauthorized Trips.
Provides Weather-based Journey Planning.
Risks are lowered
Meets HSE policies and procedures

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