Basic Fleet Management

Basic Fleet Management

What Is It

Be it a fleet of trucks or a mixed fleet of cars, vans, and motorcycles, the basic platform is fleet management made easy. Our basic solution is a light and affordable fleet management tool for everyone. The basic platform is designed to give fleets of all sizes and types exactly what they need to boost efficiency – and enables fleet operators to track and trace the movement of their vehicles and behavior of their drivers from anywhere, at any time. Fitted with our small and medium black box, it captures and transmits vehicle and driver data. Users can then access this information securely online, via the solution’s software platform or app for Android and iOS.

The basic platform is intuitive software platform. Users can log on and access activity timelines, notifications, the information hub plus a host of additional features. Movement, events, trips, and utilization reports can also be generated, the reporting suite is accessible via the platform. Our customers can track their vehicles on a map in real-time, or do a replay of historical trips. Our Customers can define and manage locations, stops, and zones, making the whereabouts of vehicles known at all times. This functionality is also accessible from the solution’s free mobile app. Online or email notifications can be set up for various events, like impact, speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and harsh cornering. The basic platform enables fleet operators to identify and manage drivers, the expire of driver licenses and certifications as well as vehicles details like insurance, and registration, their odometer readers, and services.

Basic Black Box

The Small Black Box is designed to deliver a cost effective compact product that is designed to provide entry level fleet functionality for everyone. The solution enables fleet operators to track and trace the movement and behavior of their vehicles from anywhere, at any time. Vehicles are fitted with small onboard computers with built-in GPS receiver that have superior sensitivity, that captures and transmits vehicle data through the GSM network. Its quad band GPRS/GSM subsystem supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, enabling the real time tracking capabilities. The Small Box Solution provides information such as speed, location, engine idling, work start/stop times, virtual zone entrance/exit times, harsh braking, excessive acceleration, accident notification and many other events and historical reports. Users can access information online via the platform, Android and iOS app for operators on the move


A Driver ID is essential for measuring and improving driver safety and performance. Used to identify the driver and control who has access to your vehicles, and is integral to any fleet management and driver safety. We offer the different type of Driver ID’s (blue key, Dallas Key, HID/RFID)


The Voice Kit is a hands-free kit capable of voice communications, designed to interface with our fleet management solutions. It makes use of the GSM voice capabilities of the fleet management box.

Designed for use in noisy truck cabs, the Voice Kit is equipped with a high-power amplifier and speaker assembly with integrated volume control ensuring optimum sound reproduction. A high-performance omnidirectional microphone provides the other party with crisp, clear audio.

The FM Keypad allows the driver to answer incoming calls as well as make calls to any of the 4 preset numbers.


The panic button is a button installed in the cab of the vehicle and connected to the IVMS device, by pushing the panic button during an emergency, the device will send a message to the server immediately informing the Fleet Manager of an incident and location of the vehicle. This message can also be relayed to relevant management for relevant action to be taken.

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