RTA approved

Fleet Management Systems International (FMSi) has been selected as an Approved Vendor by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), to supply telematics devices and software for their DTC limousine fleet.

After working closely with the RTA in identifying their needs, FMSi was selected to install and support IVMS devices for the limousine fleets registered with the RTA in Dubai. We vigorously worked with the RTA to successfully monitor over 100 different data parameters. The system was configured to deliver the information directly to the their regulatory monitoring system (RMS) platform.

With the data generated, RTA will be able to evaluate the performance of its vehicles and drivers, and relay messages to the drivers with the aim of improving their driving habits. The system will also help the DTC gain a better of understanding driver routes and shed light on operational inefficiencies.

We are excited to aid in bring bringing Dubai’s Smart City vision to fruition by assisting the RTA and DTC in operating more efficiently and safely. Telematics will assist in paving the way to safer and more connected roads and we look forward to seeing what results it will achieve for the RTA.

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