Rise of telematics

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Telematics adoption is on the rise across fleets and, when you consider the benefits, it’s easy to see why. In a recent survey of commercial fleets, over half of respondents ranked productivity improvement as their major benefit following the implementation of telematics — falling just ahead of decreased fuel consumption and improved routing.

Telematics today reaches beyond the traditional black box recorder and can include a variety of interactive and customisable applications deployable across all industries to deliver:

• Driver behaviour improvements
• Increased visibility, efficiency and productivity through the ability to track and manage assets
• Increased security
• Crash reduction
• Regulatory compliance, and
• Greener fleets.

Achieve fleet management optimisation by leveraging telematics

Regardless of the industry you operate in, telematics adoption typically delivers fleet efficiencies in a number of different ways. From knowing exactly where your vehicles are in real-time, to monitoring driver performance and route planning, corporate fleets are using telematics to achieve different goals, but ultimately all benefit from the same end result of optimised fleet management.

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