Managing you fleet – Part 2

The benefits of telematics

A number of benefits by effectively using telematics.

Driver behaviour is the biggest category within safety. By monitoring driver behaviour and using the data collected through telematics for driver training and coashing, organisations position themselves to be safety leaders and innovators within their industry.

Some studies have found that when vehicles are fitted with a monitoring device, crash rates are reduced by 20% and the rate of specific unsafe driving behaviours are reduced by up to 82%

Protecting drivers becomes easier by using telematics and that in turn creates a safe and responsible operation. By revealing dangerous driving practices such as hard braking, harsh acceleration and speeding, along with real-time and historical driver feedback, fleet managers can work with drivers to continually refine and improve their performance. This not only benefits the driver but assists
with reducing crash rates.

For every fatality that occurs on the roads there are more than 300,000 at-risk behaviours that take place. At-risk behaviours are defined as activities that are not consistent with safety protocol. These behaviours increase the chance of accidents occurring. The same research points out that proactive safety management, greater incident transparency and training are the best
ways to diminish these at-risk behaviours.

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