FMSI (Iraq) awarded CMC license in Iraq for GPS Tracking


Fleet Management Systems International (FMSi), a leading regional provider of fleet management solutions, through its Iraqi joint venture, Edgo FMSi Tracking Solutions Limited (EFM),  has recently been awarded the certification to supply, service and maintain GPS tracking units in Iraq by the National Communications and Media Commission (CMC) of Iraq.

The CMC in Iraq is a pioneer in the region in terms of converged regulation between media and communications. The authority, as part its governmental mandate, licenses GPS tracking units and enforces strict guidelines that all suppliers need to abide by. Their inspection teams routinely run compliance and quality checks on both vendors and end users to ensure that the certification rules and regulations and continually being enforced.

“We praise the Iraqi Government for taking a proactive stand on Fleet Management and GPS Tracking standards,” commented FMSI Group CEO Wassim Mourad. “These standards will deliver high standards to manage and monitor assets in real-time and train their people with accurate and reliable data delivering the highest level of compliance, safety, optimization and efficiency; helping organizations in Iraq to overcome the challenging environment,” he continued.

Since 2012, FMSI has strived to maintain their leading position as a premium provider of fleet management and tracking services to Multinational organisations across a range of industries in Iraq. Their superior quality products, unparalleled customer services and attention to detail has led them to continually surpass their customers’ expectations.

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