Dimensions Systems Company successfully achieves approval from Transport General Authority (TGA)

Dimensions Systems Company “DSCO” (FMSI Partner in KSA) has successfully gone through a rigorous certification process to be approved by Transport General Authority (TGA). The certification will allow them to take part in a new regulatory initiative that will improve safety, compliance, efficiency and optimization for transportation companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The initiative requires all transportation companies with heavy vehicles to install a mobile asset tracking system with the capability to provide on-board weighing providing 95% accuracy, along with having it linked with the Al Wasl Platform. Only Service Providers, such as Dimensions Systems, who are approved by the TGA can provide such systems.

The project aims to manage the cargo transportation sector through provision of tracking solutions for trucks that will enable TGA to remotely monitor several parameters such as: location, speed, and weight overload. The issued Decree dictates that all trucks must be equipped with a GPS tracking system and a weight sensor mechanism starting February 1st 2020. The main objective of the project is to help in detecting unauthorized weight and take a proactive approach to minimize the damage inflicted by heavy vehicles.

We are excited and look forward to take part in this initiative. We have been well-versed in mobility integration since 2003 and bring over 20 years of experience in this industry to our customers in KSA. We offer proven solutions along with local support and services. Our offering includes the latest technologies in Telematics, IOT, Video Telematics and a robust reporting platform for On Board Trucks Weighing Systems. Our solutions aim to improve fleet efficiencies, optimization, safety and compliance.

About Dimensions Systems
DSCO, a strategic FMSi Group, is a full premier fleet management service provider in Saudi Arabia. We provide innovative fleet management solutions that enable organizations to manage their mobile assets more efficiently and safely. Our innovative solutions empower organizations to actively manage a variety of assets from cars, vans and trucks to buses and trailers.

About FMSi Group

FMSi Group was established in 2003 and with its’ headquarter in the UAE. FMSi has over seventeen years of proven and demonstrated experience across various industries, delivering fleet management solutions through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to customers across the region. We operate directly through our offices in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Muscat, Basra, Erbil, and our partners network throughout the GCC and MENA region.

About TGA
The Public Transport Authority (TGA) is the regulator of land, railway and maritime transport in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. TGA organizes and supervises the efficiency of operations, facilities and safety in order to insure the highest levels of quality and appropriate cost. TGA legislates and facilitates local-International investment in transport consistent with the objectives of economic and social development strategies in the Kingdom and The 2030 Saudi Vision. TGA takes into account the most accurate technical and environmental standards to ensure integration between the regulations of road, sea and rail transport.

About WASL Platform
WASL is an electronic platform that enables the TGA in Saudi Arabia to monitor and control the land transport to raise their level of quality, safety, and security. Wasl is an e-platform that aims to link the organizations working in the land transport field with the organizational entities. This enables the Transport General Authority to monitor and control the land transport to raise their level of quality, safety, and security

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