ADNOC In-Country-Value (ICV) Certification

Fleet Management Systems International (FMSi) has been certified under the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s (ADNOC) in-country value (ICV) programme to support local businesses and their role in driving economic diversification and gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the UAE.

Launched in February, the programme seeks to stimulate private sector partnerships and opportunities resulting from the company’s 2030 growth strategy, catalyse socio-economic development, improve knowledge transfer and create additional employment for UAE nationals.

All business partnerships with ADNOC must now include an ICV assessment as part of the tender evaluation and award process.

FMSi’s certification comes after a thorough review; taking into account goods and services sourced locally, employment and development opportunities for Emiratis, in-country spend of subcontractors, the company’s investment in the UAE, and expatriate contribution in the country.

CEO  Wassim Mourad  is confident that the company’s certification will bring stronger, closer relationships with local companies and maximise FMSI’s use of local products, facilities, services and infrastructure while growing alongside ADNOC.

“Our certification rings true to the company’s long-standing pledge to put our customers’ ambitions and strategic targets at the heart of everything we do,” Mourad concluded.

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