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Prior to finishing an replace and revision of his 1964 Etimologicheskii slovar' kartnel'skikh iszykov, Klimov died, and his spouse and co-workers in Moscow have visible the undertaking via. The etymological learn of the language staff from area of the Caucasus Mountains, inclusive of Georgian, has noticeable many advancements over the last 30 years, in order that the revised dictionary comprises approximately 500 extra entries and accommodates new research of latest fabric. It provides unique cognizance to concerns of be aware formation so one can display derivational family members among a few lexemes previously thought of unrelated to one another. one other characteristic is the emphasis on what Klimov thought of to be facts of ties among Kartvelian and Indo-European languages, no matter if from a genetic dating or lengthy touch within the zone.

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53). A number of its derivatives is also known here. Cf. *deda-l- 'female'. The vowel i of Zan and Svan words finds its analogy in the Old Georgian bound forms diac- 'woman', diasaxlis- 'hostess of house'. , however, dedel - child's addressing mother). | | Georgian, Zan: Rosen (1845: 31). Svan: Gren (1890: 128). ) *deda-l- 'female': Georg, dedal- 'female, hen'; Megr. ). 38 *deda-mtil- Georgian-Zan formation well known also in the Old Georgian sources: mamalad da dedalad sekmna igini '(he) made them male and female' Mt.

E— and *—g-). 1 1 Bopp (1847: 71). Cf. Schmidt (1962: 106). GZ *egr- root element, underlying ethnonym *m-egr-el-: Georg, [egr-]; Megr. [arg-]. Georgian-Zan root extracted from the ethnonym *m-egr—el- 'Megrelian', which must originally have been a designation of inhabitants of the historical region Egr-is-. According to Kaxa3e (1991: 27-29) it is attested in Old Georgian in the shape of Egr- (name of province) and Egur- (hydronym in Western Georgia). Beside regular shift *e > a the Megrelian root underwent a consonant metathesis.

A connection with Common Kartv. *brg- 'to wrestle' can hardly be accepted. GZ *brtq-el- 'flat': Georg, brtqel- 'flat'; Megr. birtqa- 'flat (and rounded)'. Adjective derived with suffix *-el from verb stem *pertq- : prtq-. Therefore it presupposes an intermediate form *prtq-el-. Cf. the Georgian dialect variants p(r)tqel-, tqrpel-. The initial voiced consonant, attested already in Old Georgian (Sarjvelaje 1995: 17), is secondary (cf. also the Megrelian derivative la-partq-ia 'flat'). For the derivatory suffix see *gr$-el-, *wrc^-el-, *purcl-el-, *clit-el-, *clrp-el-t *qm-el-.

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