Download e-book for kindle: Napoleon's Campaigns in Italy by Philip Haythornthwaite, Richard Hook

By Philip Haythornthwaite, Richard Hook

ISBN-10: 1855322811

ISBN-13: 9781855322813

In the beginning of the French innovative Wars, lots of the vital early campaigning happened at the French frontiers with Germany and the Netherlands. but it used to be inevitable that battling might additionally ensue at the Franco-Italian frontier, as a result of presence there of France's enemies – such a lot particularly the Austro-Hungarians, whose emperor used to be a motive force at the back of the 1st coalition which sought to opposite the consequences of the French Revolution. Philip Haythornthwaite examines Napoleon's campaigns in Italy, and the uniforms of his squaddies, in a quantity containing various illustrations, together with 8 complete web page color plates by way of Richard Hook.

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James Kochan, Dave Rickman's The United States Army : 1812-1815 (Men-At-Arms Series, 345) PDF

By James Kochan, Dave Rickman

ISBN-10: 184176051X

ISBN-13: 9781841760513

The struggle of 1812 used to be the genuine making of the standard regiments and corps of the USA military. 3 years' combating opposed to Britain observed the White condominium burned down, but additionally the bloody repulse of the redcoats, then the easiest infantry on the earth, on a few battlefields. The small constabulary strength which entered the struggle - ill-led, ill-supported, and with an doubtful approach of provide - ended it as a certified military with a approach of command and providers equivalent to any. This meticulous background of the uniforms of the yankee regulars is illustrated with many formerly unseen work and pictures.

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Philip J. Haythornthwaite's The Alamo and the War of Texan Independence 1835-36 PDF

By Philip J. Haythornthwaite

ISBN-10: 0850456843

ISBN-13: 9780850456844

In 1823 Texas used to be opened to American payment; over the following 12 years hundreds of thousands took benefit of the chance. in this time the corrupt Santa Anna rose to energy. a unethical and ruthless flesh presser, thief, compulsive gambler, opium addict and liar, he nevetheless won a degree of well known aid and set approximately destroying federalism. clash with the yank settlers ('Texians') grew to become inevitable, a clash which incorporated the mythical conflict of the Alamo. Philip Haythornwaite covers the tale of the battle of Texan Independence (1835-1936) in a quantity subsidized by means of a wealth of illustrations and images, together with 8 complete web page color plates via Paul Hannon

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David Nicolle's Armies of the Ottoman Turks, 1300-1774 (Men-at-Arms, Volume PDF

By David Nicolle

ISBN-10: 0850455111

ISBN-13: 9780850455113

The start of the Ottoman kingdom is shrouded in legend. regardless of the fact of its origins, the Ottomans shaped an Empire which nearly succeeded in bringing Christian Europe to its knees. over the last many years of the thirteenth century, the formidable Osman Bey's tiny mountain country took 8 frontier castles plus the Turkish city of Eskisehir. In 1299 Osman seized Yenisehir after operating up the Kara Su valley. With this as its first actual capital, the Ottoman nation emerged into background poised above the fertile shorelines of the ocean of Marmara.

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Download PDF by David Nicolle: Saladin and the Saracens (Men-at-Arms, Volume 171)

By David Nicolle

ISBN-10: 0850456827

ISBN-13: 9780850456820

Salah al Din Yusif ibn Ayyub, identified to his Muslim contemporaries as al Nasi, 'The Victorious', and to an admiring Europe as Saladin, is the main well-known unmarried determine within the historical past of the Crusades, being even higher recognized open air the English-speaking international than his Christian foe Richard the Lionheart. typically portrayed as a quiet, deeply non secular or even humble guy, Saladin used to be a regular fabricated from his day and his tradition. This name exhibits how the societies and armed forces structures that he and his successors led from defeat to eventual triumph have been way more subtle than is usually realised, and brings vividly to existence the historical past, corporation, hands and armour of Saladin and the Saracens.

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Peter Wilcox's Rome's Enemies (2): Gallic and British Celts (Men-at-Arms, PDF

By Peter Wilcox

ISBN-10: 0850456061

ISBN-13: 9780850456066

In 390 BC, a Gallic military marched on Rome. A convinced Roman military of approximately 15,000 males that was once despatched to bar the way in which, used to be destroyed. 3 days after the conflict of Allia, the Gauls entered Rome, a lot of which they burned, and demanded an immense bounty of gold to depart the town. in the course of the weighing strategy, Brennus, the Gallic chief, is related to have thrown his sword directly to the scales with the phrases 'Vae victis' - 'Woe to the defeated'. A sentiment the Gauls have been quickly to adventure first hand. This interesting paintings via Peter Wilcox explores the historical past, costume and kit of Rome's Celtic enemies.

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Download PDF by Philip Haythornthwaite, Richard Hook: British Cavalryman 1792-1815

By Philip Haythornthwaite, Richard Hook

ISBN-10: 1855323648

ISBN-13: 9781855323643

Within the campaigns of the French progressive and Napoleonic Wars, the deserved acceptance of the British infantry has tended to overshadow the contribution of the cavalry, yet in truth they did shape a vital part of the military, engaging in tasks an important to the good fortune of different palms. British Cavalryman 1792-1815 recounts what those tasks have been and examines the boys who played them. the several regiments of the cavalry are indexed and a few of the arm's extra unique or expert corps, similar to the King's German Legion, tested.

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Richard Law's The Fighting Handgun: An Illustrated History from the PDF

By Richard Law

The handgun has been an inevitable a part of background, used for chivalrous duels among gents, showdown confrontations among the lawless, battlefield wrestle, own defense, and crime in lots of varieties. Profusely illustrated, this research presents a chronological background, displaying the advance, functionality, layout and ammunition of the weapon, with information regarding a few famous clients.

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Read e-book online Uniformes de l'Armée de Waterloo PDF

By Alexis Cabaret

Униформа французской армии и войск антинаполеоновской коалиции в сражении при Ватерлоо (1815 г.)

В качестве бонуса - Uniformes des Armees de Waterloo 1815 - Edita Vilo, 1973 (PDF (OCR), 193 стр.) и Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars in color 1796-1814 - Blandford, 1973 (PDF, ninety eight стр.)

Les Uniformes De L'Armee Francaise Recueil d'Ordonnances de 1690 a 1894
Наполеоновские войны 1805-1815 гг. (Энциклопедия вооружения и военного костюма)
гравюры Беланже "Французская армия от Революции до Первой Империи"
Encyclopedie des Uniformes Napoleoniens 1800-1815

Цветные планшеты Рихарда Кнётеля из 18 томов Uniformkunde - в этой ветке военно-исторического клуба.

метки темы:
История Франции
Отечественная война 1812 года

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