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Again, this does not come without constraints. Increasing the electrical operating point implies increasing the current supplied to the motor. This adds resistive heat loss to the system that increases as the square of current and that must be removed from the system. In a brushless PM motor, increasing the magneticfield operating point, requires more or higher-performance magnet material, or specialized motor construction to focus or concentrate flux into the air gap. As was discussed earlier, flux concentration geometrically increases the 54 Chapter Three amount of magnet material required.

1a. Ignoring resistive losses, the instantaneous power delivered to the magnetic field of the coil is p = ei where e and i are the instantaneous voltage and current, respectively, in the coil forming the mmf source. 9), this can be rewritten as . 13) where A(0) is the initial flux linkage and A(f) is the flux linkage at time t. 3). 3) into the above expression gives W = -ry- [A(Ì)2 - A(0)21 From this expression it is apparent that if the flux linkage at time t is less than the flux linkage at time 0, the energy supplied is negative.

As a result, the achieved remanence decreases linearly with increasing radius because the same flux over an increasing area gives a smaller flux density (Hendershot, 1991). Therefore, integration of these differential elements gives a magnet magnetic circuit model of the same form as Fig. 22) where Br is the remanence achieved at and L is the axial length of the magnet into the page. 21) can be simplified by approximating the permeance shape as rectangular with an average cross section. 23) Example To illustrate the concepts presented in this chapter, consider the magnetic apparatus and circuit shown in Fig.

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