Albanian etymological dictionary by Vladimir Orel PDF

By Vladimir Orel

This quantity is a brand new compendium of Albanian etymology tracing millions of contemporary Albanian phrases again to their origins. It includes particular info at the Indo-European vocabulary preserved in Albanian in addition to on a number of loanwords coming from old Greek, Latin, early Romance and Slavic.

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Ges. 356; DEMIRAJ AE 114-115. sa); MEYER Wb. 383 (connects ca with the pronominal stem s-); CABEJ St. 187 (follows PEDERSEN), Etim. III 3-4. 44 byr aor. byra `to carry out, to perform, to execute'. Continues PAlb *bara related (as a causative) to IE *bha- `to be, to grow'. It is probable that the Proto-Albanian verb is a denominative based on an unattested abstract noun *bharom > *bara. 0 XHUVANI KLetr 1/3 2 (based on NJ); CABEJ Etim. TI 408-409 (derived from bie). byth8 f, p1. bythe 'backside, buttocks'.

49, Alb. St. , brssnac'. > brssnie 'razor' - phonetically impossible); PISANI Saggi 126; CABEJ St. I 78 (prefers derivation from IE *bhrei- 'to cut, to shave' with suffix -sk-), Etim. II 327-328; OREL Koll. Idg. Ges. 355-356. britme m 'autumn month'. Appearing with an ordinal number, stands for September, October or November. E: brymes id. 0 MEYER Wb. 50 (derived from brej). - bruke f 'tamarind'. From PAlb *bruka identical with Slav *bbrk7, 'twig, stalk, sharp end'. 0 HAMP Anc. IE 102; TROBAGEV ESSJa III 128-129; CABEJ Etim.

Grundrift 2 11046). 0 MIKLOSICH Rom. Elemente 6 (from Ital hotte); HAARMAN 113; cABEJ Etim. II 396; LANDI Lat. 83-85. 'soft, smooth'. From PAlb *buta < IE *bhugh-to- comparable with NIr bog 'soft' < *bhugho-, Arm hut` blunt' (PEDERSEN KZ XXXVI 341). The source of both forms is IE *hheugh- `to bend'. 0 MEYER Wb. 57; PEDERSEN Kelt. Gr. I 159; JOKL IF XLIV 54; MLADENOV IF XXXVIII 169-171; POKORNY 1152-153; OREL ZfBalk XXIII11 70 (to buj); cABEJ Etim. II 397-398; MANN Comp. 121; KORTLANDT Arm-IE 114; DEMIRAJ AE 114.

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