Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Webster's German Thesaurus by Mark Twain PDF

By Mark Twain

ISBN-10: 0497258110

ISBN-13: 9780497258115

ISBN-10: 142377681X

ISBN-13: 9781423776819

This version is written in English. besides the fact that, there's a operating German word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variants of Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This version will be valuable if

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40 Adventures of Tom Sawyer behind fans and handkerchiefs, and Tom was entirely happy. The dog looked foolish, and probably felt so; but there was resentment in his heart, too, and a craving for revenge. So he went to the beetle and began a wary attack on it again; jumping at it from every point of a circle, lighting with his fore-paws within an inch of the creature, making even closer snatches at it with his teeth, and jerking his head till his ears flapped again. But he grew tired once more, after a while; tried to amuse himself with a fly but found no relief; followed an ant around, with his nose close to the floor, and quickly wearied of that; yawned, sighed, forgot the beetle entirely, and sat down on it.

Poodle: Pudel. predestined: prädestiniert, prädestiniertet, prädestiniertest, prädestinierten, prädestinierte, vorherbestimmt, bestimmtest vorher, bestimmten vorher, bestimmte vorher, bestimmtet vorher. uninterested: uninteressiert, desinteressiert, gleichgültig, interesselos. vagrant: Landstreicher, unstet, wandernd. wagged: gewackelt. yelp: Jaulen, kläffen, Aufschrei, aufheulen, gellender Schrei, kurzer Aufschrei. 40 Adventures of Tom Sawyer behind fans and handkerchiefs, and Tom was entirely happy.

Colors: Farben. comrade: Kamerad, Genosse. edifice: Gebäude. exhibited: ausgestellt. fond: zärtlich, verliebt, liebevoll. interfered: vermittelte. pews: Kirchenstühle. proceeded: gingen weiter, vorgegangen, gingt weiter, gingt vor, gingst weiter, fuhrst fort, gingst vor, weitergegangen, ging weiter, fuhrt fort, fuhren fort. quarrel: Streit, Zank, Zwietracht, zanken, Wortwechsel, streiten, Disput, Auseinandersetzung, Fehde, schimpfen, schelten. reprimand: Verweis, Tadel, Rüge, tadeln, Zurechtweisung, Ermahnung, ermahnen, Rüffel, rügen, schelten, zurechtweisen.

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