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By J.N. Gurtu, Amit Gurtu.

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This should give a straight line. Any unknown concentration can then be determmned by adding the same quantity of internal standard and finding where the ratio obtained falls on the concentration scale. (8) Amplification methods: In determinations in which a very small amount of material is to be measured this may be beyond the limits of the apparatus available. In these cases, if the small amount of material can be reacted in such a way that every molecule produces two or more molecules of some other measurable material, the resultant amplification may then bring the quantity to be determined within the scope of the apparatus or method available.

No. --- XL Result : Frequency if) = 21t L = tan -1 (XL) "Ii Precautions: (i) Readings should be taken carefully. (ii) All the connections should be tight. (iii) Use high quality equipments. 8 Object: To verifY the Kirchoffs current law (KCL). c. supply, connecting wire. Apparatus details: Name of Typ I Rangel [~. apparatus c-4Rating ~ I L-- Quantity Make ----I~emark:l -------------- -------1 I I _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Theory : The Kirchoff's current law states that the algebraic sum of currents meeting at a junction of conductors is zero.

C. ammeter, resistor, inductor, connecting wire. c. circuit containing the inductor and resistance in series. c. voltage according to fig. (11). c. voltage source. , XL' the voltage drop across L '-------{Jf~------I v - Vo sin Fig. 11. (5) Find the value of impedance. (6) Find the value of f by using the formula. No. --- XL Result : Frequency if) = 21t L = tan -1 (XL) "Ii Precautions: (i) Readings should be taken carefully. (ii) All the connections should be tight. (iii) Use high quality equipments.

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