Shyam Sundar Goswami's Advanced Hatha Yoga: Classic Methods of Physical Education PDF

By Shyam Sundar Goswami

ISBN-10: 1594774536

ISBN-13: 9781594774539

The vintage Hatha yoga handbook for a powerful, important, appealing physique and a balanced, harmonious, satisfied brain

• contains directions for lots of complicated Hatha yoga workouts to construct energy, stamina, and stable posture, the mandatory foundation for non secular improvement

• presents specified workout plans that can assist you advance your own weekly perform

• Explains conventional yogic tools of fasting and inner detoxification, practices to reinforce the endocrine process, equipment for complicated sexual keep watch over, breath keep an eye on practices, and focus workouts to enhance brain strength

Based upon old Sanskrit works on yoga in addition to millions of years of oral teachings, this Hatha yoga vintage strikes past the introductory point of yoga and gives illustrated directions for lots of complex asanas and different yogic recommendations to construct energy, stamina, and stable posture--a invaluable prerequisite for non secular improvement.

Offering distinctive workout plans that can assist you boost your own weekly yoga perform in addition to thoughts to focus on particular components of the physique, corresponding to the stomach muscular tissues, this e-book additionally includes exact directions on many types of prânâyâma (breath control), together with trade nose respiring, kapâlabhâti, and sahita, in addition to meditative equipment for constructing your powers of focus and psychological self-discipline. With directions on vitamin, fasting, inner detoxification, complex sexual keep watch over, and strengthening the endocrine method, Sri S. S. Goswami’s vintage textual content offers the full photograph of a complicated Hatha yoga way of life for a robust, important, appealing physique and a balanced, harmonious, satisfied brain.

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Japa is the technical term used to mean “the production of a particular manifested sound form represented by a mantra in a specific way and at specified intervals, one after another,” which is continued until a certain number is finished. With the help of mantra, dhāraṇā can be comparatively easily mastered. When the mantra is said mentally, the mind is molded into a new image composed of two parts, form and sound. The first image stays in the mind during the period of saying the mantra. Then there is a brief interval—a void—before it is said the second time.

Vīra, from which came Hero Posture (Vīrāsana), means “a hero” (Ṛigveda), who is able to go deep into concentration in a difficult posture. The word kamala, found in the Atharvaveda and Taittirīya-samhītā, means the characteristic red color of the lotus flower. This color is the symbol of the creative energy operating within a person. Brahma, or the creative aspect of the Supreme Consciousness, is represented by the red color and is seated in Kamalāsana (Lotus Posture). This is also mentioned in the Bhagavad Gītā.

We can raise human efficiency to a higher level by the practice of Yoga. Yoga is for saints and spiritual pupils. It is also for worldly men and women. Yoga should be applied in everyday life and in every phase of life to hasten human advancement toward health, happiness, harmony, and peace. PART ONE YOGA EXERCISE AND ASSOCIATED FACTORS 1 The Emergence of Yoga Muscle, in motion as well as in repose, has played a most important role in human development—a focus of forces operating through an organism, whose structural and functional complexity is the most perplexing in nature—in a gradual unfoldment through which the marvelous possibilities and probabilities lying within have begun to be actual.

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