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By A. Rendle Short, C. L. G. Pratt and C. C. N. Vass (Auth.)

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73°, 77°, and 84° C. —Coagulate at 75° C. May be divided into (1) Euglobulin, precipitated by onethird saturation with (NH 4 ) 2 S0 4 . (2) Pseudoglobulin, precipitated by half saturation with (NH 4 ) 2 S0 4 . (3) Fibrinogen, insoluble in distilled water, but soluble in isotonic saline (0-9 per cent) ; coagulates at 56° C. ; is precipitated by half-saturation with NaCl, or saturation with C0 2 gas. Will form a firm fibrin gel on clotting when concentration is as little as 0-01 per cent. —Fibrinogen production is wholly dependent on liver function ; albumin probably so, also the greater part of the globulin production.

The Na* is essential. K* promotes relaxation—in excess stops heart in diastole. Ca" promotes contraction — in excess stops heart in systole. Pulse-tracings (Fig. — JUGULAR TRACING. — Recorded in supine subject, using one tambour of Mackenzie polygraph, from right external or internal jugular vein. Trace shows three positive waves, a, c, and v, alternating with three negative waves. s sec. Fig. —Pulse·tracings (human). Top line = time marker. Second line = venous pulse-tracing. Third line = radial pulse-tracing.

Eosin. Only show slight amoeboid movement, and are not phagocytic. Increased in cases of worm infections and in asthma. 3. —10μ in diameter. Scanty. , méthylène blue. 4. —Small, 7·5μ in diameter. Large spherical nucleus, and small amount of clear cytoplasm. Not actively amoeboid. Increased in typhoid and other fevers. 5. —About 10// in diameter. 6. —Single nucleus and abundant cytoplasm. Amoeboid and actively phagocytic. Derived from cells of reticulo-endothelial system. Increased in malaria, etc.

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A Synopsis of Physiology by A. Rendle Short, C. L. G. Pratt and C. C. N. Vass (Auth.)

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