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By Yujiro Hayami, Masao Kikuchi

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This specified case examine explores the dramatic fiscal and social adjustments that the rice belt of Laguna Province has skilled within the final quarter-century. along with significant advances in rice know-how, expanding inhabitants strain, land reform courses, transforming into infrastructure, and concrete fiscal actions have sped up the speed of swap. using a special facts set outfitted from a variety of surveys from 1966 to 1997 in a regular Laguna village, the authors illustrate a trend of socioeconomic improvement shared by way of irrigated rice parts all through Asia.

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Indeed, the rates of dependency on hired labour by small rice farmers in the Philippines, including East Laguna Village, are incomparably higher than those in Japan (Chapter 5). This work- and income-sharing norm was created under the traditional conditions of relative land abundance and high production risk inherent in rainfed farming, but it has continued to be maintained despite rapid decreases in land–labour ratios, and shifts from rainfed to irrigated farming systems (Chapter 6). MODERNIZING FORCES East Laguna Village appears to be as dormant under the shade of coconut trees today as it was when we first visited it in the 1970s.

Hayami & M. Kikuchi Y. Hayami & M. Kikuchi 1966 (December) 1974 (November) 1976 (December) 1983 (February) 1987 (November) 1992 (March) 1995 (July) 1997 (July) l n n c c c c c c c l n l l c l l l l c l l n c c c c c c c c c l n l c c c c c c c l n n n n l l l l l l l n n n n c l l l l l l n n n n c c c c c c l n Popula- Land Rice farming NonNon- Income tion & tenure & rice farm level & house- labour Yield Inputs & farming activities distriholds relations factor income bution Major information collected a Note: a c:fairy complete data collected; 1:limited data collected; n:data not available.

In East Laguna Village, the first step (called Operation Leasehold after the Presidential Decrees) was started on a pilot scale in 1968, and in 1972 the operation was intensified to cover all the paddy fields cultivated by villagers. ) As a result, the percentage of sharecroppers among rice farmers decreased sharply, from 80 per cent in 1966 to 40 per cent in 1976, while that of leasehold tenants increased from 20 per cent to Chronology of the Village 35 70 per cent. Share tenancy continued to be practised, but within the narrow circle of relatives and close friends despite the law denouncing this contract.

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