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By Newt Gingrich

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Gingrich explains what American exceptionalism relatively capacity, why the Left has waged an attack on it, and why a rededication to American exceptionalism is principal to our country's survival.

summary: Gingrich explains what American exceptionalism fairly capacity, why the Left has waged an attack on it, and why a rededication to American exceptionalism is vital to our country's survival

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Because wherever people long to be free, they will find a friend in the United States. Ultimately, it is that faith—those ideals—that are the true measure of American leadership. 5 Nevertheless, looking past Obama’s rhetoric, his policies betray a fundamental misunderstanding of what American Exceptionalism really means. ” These ideals must be manifested in actual policies. On this score, Obama’s record as president comes up woefully short. Imposing a centralized, top-down healthcare system that forces all Americans to buy a private service—health insurance—does not advance or preserve freedom.

First, we must rediscover the meaning and vitality of American Exceptionalism. Focused on the maneuvering and horse trading of everyday politics, many Americans on both sides of the political aisle have lost sight of the vital principles that shaped our national identity and our entire system of government. We must understand and explain the enormous energy, innovation, and wealth that have resulted from our commitment to the principles underlying American Exceptionalism. A nation that dedicated itself to protecting the right of every citizen to pursue happiness witnessed an explosion of human creativity and progress that has continued apace for more than 230 years.

Every one is at the disposure of his own will, when those who had, by the delegation of the society, the declaring of the public will, are excluded from it, and others usurp the place, who have no such authority or delegation. French philosophes such as Montesquieu, Diderot, and Voltaire further refined the notion of personal sovereignty and popular sovereignty, as did the thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment. The Founders distilled all these disparate influences into a “liberal philosophy” that emphasized the personal sovereignty and dignity of the individual.

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