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By Aaron Summerscale

ISBN-10: 1906454183

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An easy-to-learn repertoire for the chessboard murderer

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But in many positions, especially late in the game, the King can play an active role. In such situations, it might be useful to think of the King as having a value of approximately five pawns. Note that the Bishop has a value slightly greater than the Knight. The Bishop is usually, though not always, worth a bit more than a Knight. See Chapter 5, “Bishop Strategy,” for more information on why this might be so. qxp 11/2/06 6:12 PM Page 28 Discovered Checks and Double Checks Discovered checks are among the most powerful moves in chess.

As the most powerful piece, the Queen is the most obvious choice, and most players promote to a Queen. This position is from a game between former world chess champion Bobby Fischer (playing white) and the Russian Tigran Petrosian (playing black). Petrosian advanced the pawn on a2 to a1 (a2-a1=Q) and promoted it to a Queen. Fischer replied by advancing his h6 pawn to h7 (h6-h7). Petrosian was unable to prevent Fischer from promoting that pawn to a Queen on the next move (h7-h8=Q). With eight pawns at the beginning of the game, you can, in theory, have a total of nine Queens on the board.

The maneuver is quite simple. You move a piece, exposing an attack from a piece behind it. If it’s possible, double checks are even more exciting and deadly. Like a discovered check, a piece moves to expose a check from behind it while the piece itself also gives check. As you will see, double checks always force the King to move. Discovered Checks In this first position, the black King would be in check from the white Queen except that, for the moment, the white Knight on e5 is blocking the attack.

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