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By Lecturer in Hebrew and Aramaic at the Faculty of Oriental Studies Geoffrey Khan

Being direct descendants of the Aramaic spoken by way of the Jews in antiquity, the nonetheless spoken Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialects of Kurdistan deserve specified and bright curiosity. Geoffrey Khan's A Grammar of Neo-Aramaic is a distinct list of 1 of those dialects, now at the verge of extinction. This quantity, the results of huge fieldwork, incorporates a description of the dialect spoken by way of the Jews from the area of Arbel (Iraqi Kurdistan), including a transcription of recorded texts and a thesaurus. The grammar includes sections on phonology, morphology and syntax, preceded via an introductory bankruptcy interpreting the location of this dialect relating to the opposite recognized Neo-Aramaic dialects. The transcribed texts list folktales and bills of customs, traditions and reviews of the Jews of Kurdistan.

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G. rfrnu 'both of them' (Y:246), the source of the emphasis is unclear, so its full extent is marked in the transcription. g. farde [f~tde:] 'sacks' (Y:266 < Arabic farde, cf. Jastrow 1990: 388), rizza [r~~·~a] 'rice' (Y:101 < Arabic razz, cf. Jastrow 1990: 353). Emphatic [rl is an allophonic variant of Ir/. 1 It is not marked in the transcription unless it occurs in loanwords such as farde and rizza. 3. g. ana-s gizyawäli ['2re:nre3 ßn'yrewre:li:] 'I saw it also' (Y:251), res-[re·3l-dixle 'over one another' (B:69).

3. 1. 1. *b The reflex of the soft allophone of *bin earlier Aramaie is the semi-vowel Iw/. g. g. Jii (cf. BTA N~71]) < *J:talal1ii (cf. Heb. ~) < *didllii (cf. / and keeping the two vowels clearly separated. We may compare the strengthening of etymological *h to 1;, which is found in the 3rd person pronominal suffixes of some Christian NENA dialects (-el; m. and -al; f. <*-eh and *-ah). This is, apparently, a means of preventing the elision of the final consonant (cf. Haberman 1988: 563-564). It is also worth noting that the strengthening of an etymologicallaryngal to a pharyngal is found in the Kurdish dialects of the region (MacKenzie 1961:6).

G. kipni [k'g(j>'ni:] 'my hunger' (S:116). g. afillu 'even' (Hebrew). In final position it is sometimes pronounced voiced when in contact with a voiced consonant: kef gollwa [k'e:v go:'li:wa] 'they had a good time' (Y:3), zarlt zar'if [zreri:v zreri:f] 'very well' (B:112). It has a phonemic status independent of lp/, as demonstrated by minimal pairs such as: kefox 'your pleasure' : kepox 'your stone'. Iw/ In most contexts this is a labio-velar [ w]. It is often realized differently, however, in the environment of the close front vowels Iei or Ii/.

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