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This can be the 1st full-length reference grammar of Mam, a Mayan language spoken this day via over 400,000 humans within the western highlands of Guatemala and the country of Chiapas, Mexico. the results of over 3 years of intensive fieldwork in Guatemala, A Grammar of Mam, a Mayan Language relies at the dialect of Mam spoken by means of 12,000 humans in San Ildefonso Ixtahuacan within the division of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. England organizes A Grammar of Mam based on complementary rules: to investigate Mam following essentially conventional degrees of grammatical description and to provide fabric in this kind of manner that the heritage info priceless for figuring out each one subject of debate shall were formerly supplied. therefore, England's research of the sound process and morphophonemic techniques of Mam is via an outline of the features of root, inflectional, and derivational morphology. Chapters on word constitution precede chapters on sentence-level syntax. A Grammar of Mam is of specific curiosity in examining a Mayan language that's either syntactically and morphologically ergative and that's cutting edge towards strengthening the ergative approach. certainly in any respect degrees of linguistic association Mam is cutting edge, and hence it really is uniquely attention-grabbing either traditionally and theoretically.

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From bound roots is also described, but derivational stem forming processes are discussed in the next chapter. 'go out'; eellal- 'go out to a specific point' aaj­ 'return' ; aaljal- 'return from a specific point' ook- 'go in'; 'go in to a specific point' oo7kal- 'go down'; kub' sonant and consequently disappears) ses are partially defined by special derivational properties. Inflection, derivation, and syntactic properties all help de­ fine root and word classes. 1. VERBS Verb roots are bound forms which must be inflected for person and for aspect or mode.

It also synthesizes with the compounding directionals -x 'away' and -tz 'toward': go out' k- (3sA) + eela- (go out) + + -x (away) k- + eela- + -1 + -tz + ooka- + -1 + -x The aspects with nologically independent and at times verb or combine with enclitics. The -1 (pot) + -1 + -tz + -x 59 60 KUVH; ANU WORUS ROOTS AND WORDS 'he will go down' k- + kub'a- + -1 + -x kb'e1atz 'he will come down' k- + kub'a- + -1 + -tz is deleted for second person singular of imperatives, as the kaajatz 'he will come back' k- + aaja- + -1 + -tz unmarked imperative.

Formative vowel, which is an underlying For instance, q'apooj 'young woman' has stress on the last syllable. If an abstract noun is made from this stern, stress shifts to the :)1 neutralizes to ~) -00, The stem shortens (and after a stem which has a long vowel or a vowel plus glottal stop in the final syllable. Examples: suffix (-iiI in this word, even though the suffix follows a b'iitza- stressed syllable) and the form is tq'opajiil 'youth (of ma7la- women)' . 3) shorten a pre­ stressed vowel maintains the same quality, even when it falls ceding stern vowel, however.

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