A Dictionary of Creek Muskogee (Studies in the Anthropology by Jack B. Martin PDF

By Jack B. Martin

ISBN-10: 0803283024

ISBN-13: 9780803283022

The results of greater than ten years of study, A Dictionary of Creek/Muskogee attracts at the services of a linguist and a local Creek speaker to yield the 1st smooth dictionary of the Creek language of the southeastern usa. The dictionary contains over seven thousand Creek-English entries, over 4 thousand English-Creek entries, and over 400 Creek position names in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Oklahoma. the quantity additionally contains illustrations, a map, antonyms, dialects, stylistic info, notice histories, and different helpful reference fabric. Entries are given in either the normal Creek spelling and a contemporary phonemic transcription. A Dictionary of Creek/Muskogee is the normal reference paintings for the Creek language.

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