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Chemistry is the topic that is curious about all kinds of point which we will see or no longer, tangible or intangible. In a fashion this topic issues every person. The dictionary, which we're featuring, looks after this truth. This dictionary is formulated in this kind of means that each form of reader, be a pupil, a instructor, a researcher or the other who's remotely interested by the topic will locate it priceless. The presentation of proof is easy and non-technical.
Besides defining the phrases we've additionally supplied pictorial presentation of ,many phrases, for you to aid the reader to extract the crust of the definition. except that those photographs are a type of supplementary definitions for a specific time period. those are used as a device to reinforce the readers wisdom with a few additional details. the photographs additionally supply spatial distribution of a few compound, their crystal constitution, their orientations in 3-dimensional house, and so forth. This dictionary comprises greater than 2000 phrases. all of the definitions are good researched, uncomplicated and exhaustive. It offers every kind of knowledge pertaining to chemistry, and rdated matters. All attainable details is incorporated with utmost accuracy.
This dictionary has been constructed with good deal of attempt, with lot of exertions in constructing the contents.
A reaction for this attempt is significantly expected. With this we are hoping readers will take pleasure in interpreting this dictionary
and came across it additional information than the other latest ones.

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Rials under geological con 1~ tions of high pressure and ; temperature (metamor: phism) include coal, petro~ leum, natural gas, peat and oil ; shale . ; • fractional distillation : compare with distillation. A ~ technique for separation of I liquid mixtures by distillation : that uses a tower attached to ~ a flask containing the mixture "",,62========== rtumlll precipitatitm IJreeradical " to perform multiple distillations. vapour moving up the column condenses on packing material inside the column, trickles down the column, and again vapourises.

FSb2GHz 01 ~. ~ a sustance that coats the par; ticles of the dispersed phase and prevents coagulation of ~ colloidal particles; an emulsiI fier. IP I • emulsion ~ compare with colloid. A col- : loid formed from tiny liquid • emollient a substance added to a formu- I droplets suspended in another, lation that gives it softening ~ immiscible liquid. Milk is an ability. For example, oils that example of an emulsion. Chemistry = = = = = = = = =___ 11 52 ================* enantiomeric excess I endergonic II enantiotopic in a prochiral molecule, reWale, loving placement of the alternate X groups with another group Y, assumed to be of higher priority than X but of lower priority than the other two subI stituents, results in enantio• enantiomeric excess meric compounds being proenantiomeric excesses are gen- I duced.

Compare with physical property. Measurement of a chemical property involves a chemical change . For example, determining the flammability of gasoline involves burning it, II 33 chemirtry I closed system *=~~===== producing carbon dioxide and ~ which they migrate over or ; through a stationary phase. water. - chemistry the study of matter and its transformations. _ chiral derived from the Greek word (cheir), meaning hand. A molecule is chiral if it cannot be superimposed on its ~irr~r i~age. The opposite of Chiral ~s 'Achiral'.

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