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By Scott C. Stevenson

ISBN-10: 1118690451

ISBN-13: 9781118690451

ISBN-10: 1118703847

ISBN-13: 9781118703847

Initially released by way of Stevenson, Inc., this sensible source assists nonprofit leaders and pros in getting to know new and higher methods of picking out, cultivating, and effectively soliciting extra deliberate presents. as well as actionable assistance and strategies, this source offers examples from different charities and nonprofit enterprises in addition to precious types and brochures.

Important themes coated include:

  • Strategies for selling bequests
  • Incorporating deliberate giving into capital campaigns
  • Developing deliberate giving advertising plans
  • Acquiring testimonials
  • Identifying deliberate present expectancies
  • Planning guidebooks
  • Attracting deliberate gifts
  • Life assurance gifts
  • Residual bequests
  • Preserving deliberate reward expectancies
  • Prospect management
  • Referral forms
  • Donor/prospect communication
  • Employee giving


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Introduction 17 in media ownership, roles, regulation and consumption patterns. It is equally impossible to prove cause and effect: can we claim with any authority that the media do or do not influence their audiences? We are still struggling with the methodologies on this admittedly very important question and at the moment, the evidence and conclusions are both contradictory and contested. , but not a demonstrable causation), and most research tends to focus on short term media exposure, especially in election campaigns.

The Athenians themselves were well aware that theirs was not a utopia of full and free political communication. In fact, we can speculate that they were genuinely concerned with the possible negative consequences of their democracy, for they created a number of mechanisms that mitigated against full freedom of speech, but which themselves were subject to wide-ranging qualifications. For example, the Athenians created laws that guarded against slander, but slander was only prohibited under certain very specific conditions: slander of the dead was strictly forbidden; slander of the living was likewise proscribed, but only in temples, courts, public offices and at public festivals.

It also reiterates that the people are sovereign, but provides mechanisms that allow them to exercise their sovereignty. Moreover, communication is essential if representatives wish to fulfil their duties and convey to the government the views, interests, preferences and grievances of the constituents who elected them: Instead of the functioning of governing, for which it is radically unfit, the proper office of a representative assembly is to watch and control the government: to throw the light of publicity on its acts: to compel a full exposition and justification of all of them which any one considers questionable; to censure them if found condemnable, and, if the men who compose the government abuse their trust, or fulfil it in a manner which conflicts with the deliberate sense of the nation, to expel them from office …; to be at once the nation’s Committee of Grievances, and its Congress of Opinions; an arena in which every person in the country may count 40 Political Communication and Democracy upon finding somebody who speaks his mind, as well or better than he could speak it himself (Mill, 1991:239).

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