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With an leading edge, visible process the Eyewitness shuttle 15-Minute language courses are the correct instruments for those that have to research a language quickly.

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14–15) What is Italian for “my mother”? 10–11) In Italian, days of the week (i giorni della settimana) and months (i mesi) do not have capital letters. Notice that with months you generally use in: in ottobre (in October); with days you use nothing: lunedì (on Monday), but when it means every Monday you use the article (il/la): il lunedì (on Mondays). 2 Words to remember: days of the week Familiarize yourself with these words and test yourself using the flap. lunedì Monday loonedee martedì Tuesday martedee mercoledì Wednesday merkoledee Ci vediamo domani.

5 Say it twenty-five ottanta novanta novantah hundred cento chentoh three hundred trecento traychentoh sixty-eight thousand ninety-one mille meellay eighty-four ten thousand diecimila deeaycheemeelah It’s five to ten. It’s eleven-thirty. What time is lunch? two hundred thousand one million duecentomila dooaychentomeelah un milione oon meeleeonay 31 32 WEEK 3 1 Say the days of the week. 30–1) What’s the Italian for “today,” “tomorrow,” and “yesterday”? 28–9) Gli appuntamenti Appointments Business in Italy is still generally conducted more formally than in the United States; always address business contacts as Lei.

Loochanoh salvettee, della teepografeeah bartolee mee deespeeachay, lah leeneah ay okkoopatah puoh farmee reekeeamaray, per favoray Luciano Salvetti of Bartoli Printers. I’m sorry. The line is busy. Can he call me back, please? 36 WEEK 3 Risposte Answers Cover with flap Ripassa e ripeti Review and repeat 1 Sums 1 Sums 3 Telephones 1 sedici Say the answers to these sums out loud in Italian. Then check to see if you remembered correctly. What are the numbered items in Italian? sedeechee 2 trentanove trentanovay 3 cinquantatré cell phone 1 cheenkwantatray 1 10 + 6 = ?

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