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ISBN-10: 0756609224

ISBN-13: 9780756609221

ISBN-10: 0756609313

ISBN-13: 9780756609313

Even if ranging from scratch or simply wanting a refresher, realize the best way to converse and comprehend French with 15-minute-a day classes. every one pack comprises hour-long CDs, a full-color path e-book with themed chapters and real-life examples, a menu consultant, and translation dictionaries. Now with brand-new packaging and plastic snap-shut instances!

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Juh puh voo zeday Can I help you? Il y a une bibliothèque en ville? eelyah oon bib-leeyotek oñ veel Ask: Is there a library in town? 5 parking lot Non, mais il ya un musée. Pour aller au musée? poor allay oh moozay noñ may eelyah uñ moozay No, but there’s a museum. 6 square Ask: How do I get to the museum? C’est là-bas. say lah bah It’s over there. Say: Thank you very much. 8 museum Merci beaucoup. mairsee bohkoo 50 WEEK 5 1 Warm up How do you say “near the station”? 40–1) Les directions Finding your way To help you find your way, you’ll often find a plan de la ville (town plan) situated in the town, usually near the town hall or tourist office.

Air-conditioning la climatisation lah kleematee-zasyoñ Cultural tip “Chambres d’hôte” are usually the only type of accommodation to include breakfast in the price of the room. In other types of hotels, you will usually be charged extra. Many two- or three-star hotels belong to the Logis de France association, which guarantees certain standards of accommodation and service. Pas de problème. Combien de nuits? pah duh prob-lem. koñbyañ duh nwee No problem. How many nights? Pour trois nuits. Très bien.

Swasont-katorz 3 66 – 13 = ? 5 quatre-vingt dix-neuf phone card 3 4 40 + 34 = ? katruh-vañ deeznuf 5 90 + 9 = ? 6 quarante-et-un karont-ay-uñ 6 46 – 5 = ? 2 I want... 2 I want... 1 voulez Fill the blanks with the correct form of vouloir. voolay 2 veut vuh 3 voulons vooloñ 4 veux vuh 5 veux vuh 6 veut vuh 1 Vous ____ un café? 2 Elle ____ aller en vacances. 3 Nous ____ une table pour trois. 4 Tu ____ une bière? 5 Je ____ une nouvelle voiture. 6 Il ____ des bonbons. M A K I N G A R R A N G E M E NT S 37 Réponses Answers Cover with flap 3 Telephones 2 answering machine 1 le portable luh portabluh 2 le répondeur luh raypoñdur 3 la télécarte lah telaykart 4 le téléphone luh telayfon 5 les écouteurs lay zaykootur telephone 4 headphones 5 4 When?

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