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The following trilogy with Jim Plaskett is one of my most vivid memories of my Polly days: (from diagram 33a) 8 eS dxeS 9 fxeS 'iWc7! te2 'ii'xgS 12 0-0 'iWeS! tc5+ 14 �h1 'ii'xf6 15 lUe4 jle7 16 lDfgS fS! thS+ g6 18 lUxh7 �f7! 19 lUhgS+ �g7 20 lUxeS jlxcS! tf3 and now the obvious 21 . l:ta7 would give Black the better game. , when 22 h3 l:ta7 23 l:te1 'iff6 (33/) 24 lUxe6+! txe6 25 l:txe6 'ifxe6 26 'ifd4+ and 27 'ifxa7 gave White a decisive advantage, 1 -0 in 34. The trilogy continues in the next Idea.

B5+ is the main alternative) 5 ... xd5 (on 5 ... xd5 !? xd5 'ii'xd5 8 d4 is a serious alternative though White will have to take 8 ... g5 into account) 7 0-0?! xf4 c5? c3 'ifc4 11 'ifel ! e4! f5? c6 though 15 c3 is good for White, even after 15 ... fg5 ! ) 15 'ifh4! e5 ! (a beautiful deflection combination which re­ markably I got to play twice against grand­ masters) 16... f6+! e5 20 'ife2 (the game is essen­ tially over but the finish was also pretty) 20... c4 28 'it'b4! f6 29 :xf6 ! b2 31 :b5 (threatening :xh6+) 3t.

Rook sacrifices are also an important tool in drawing the king out of his shelter: (2lc) Ivanchuk-Anand, Linares 1 998. xc2!. Perhaps you don't think such a move is standard but Anand certainly does. In his notes in New in Chess he simply passes over this move without comment. cl 0-1. ••. 2 1 a: after Black's 23rd move ••. ••. 2 l b: after White's 1 8th move ••• 2 1c: after White's 22nd move 1 01 A·ITACKING IDEAS IN CHESS 33 Idea 22 Inviting Everyone to the Party - The title is Yasser Seirawan's way of ex­ pressing an important attacking principle: an attack has more chances of success if all your pieces are participating, or at least more are attacking than your opponent has de­ fending.

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