Fleet Optimization

Fleet Optimization

Fleet optimization reduce fuel costs with fuel consumption tracking. Route optimization reduces fuel consumption, mileage, and CO2 emissions, while increasing customer satisfaction. Extend vehicle life with predictive maintenance based on fault diagnostics and engine information. When fleet operators are properly equipped to manage their mobile assets and take charge of driver behavior, the results is a guaranteed increase in profitability enabling you to:


Reduce fuel costs by 15%-20% on average
Better manage routes, delivery schedules and vehicle utilization
Track vehicle and drivers in real-time and assign jobs accordingly
Reduce poor driving habits such as excessive idling and speeding
Save wear and tear costs by managing services and licensing

Fleet customers rely heavily on our solutions in competitive markets, where even the smallest amount of time and money become critical issues in determining the success of your business.

“Improve customer service and achieve bottom line savings”

Vehicle tracking and mobile resource management solutions from FMSi helps companies to increase productivity and have bottom line results by providing critical information proactively on demand whilst streaming communication with mobile workers.

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